District is doing its job well

We never think of water until we open the tap and nothing happens. Then we go into wonderment as to what has happened, then shock when we realize that we have no water to drink, cook or whatever.

That is exactly what happened when so many of our homes flooded and the North Lafourche water plant also flooded. That plant serves approximately 40 percent of the parish with safe drinking water according to the people in the water district. That area starts just south of Raceland and includes everything north, excluding the city of Thibodaux. But it includes all up to the Assumption Parish line, most of Bayou Blue and all of the Chackbay and Kraemer areas.

The plant flooded just like so many homes in the area and we were without, or with very little water because it also shut down the plant. I visited the plant after the flood to see firsthand what could be done to prevent this from ever happening again. The first thing I noticed is that the plant was put too far back on the property. It sure cannot be moved now. That would cost just too much.

The second thing is that the pumps that pump the water are approximately 4 feet off the floor.

I went to the water district board meeting after that and addressed the members of the district. I suggested that a levee around the plant would have prevented this from happening. They assured me that they were already discussing that.

Now there is a temporary sandbag levee around the plant and a more permanent concrete one is to be installed.

The electric panels that could be moved have been raised. By the time you read this letter, there will be, or the district will be in the process of installing, a portable generator that can run the entire plant should electricity go out again. We all are better off because of these people who do care. I personally know at least two of the district members and yes, they are kind, wonderful people. Let’s all hope these people continue to serve all of us and they continue to keep the politics out of their district.