Why no locals interviewed?

One of the positive statements we hear nowadays is that jobs should be available locally for our educated, talented youth so they can stay home and become productive citizens — hire locally.

Yet, some of our public bodies in some very conspicuous cases are not doing this. Just recently, the Lafourche Parish School Board selected someone from outside to be superintendent of schools. There were local applicants – one an African-American, who was local, with an earned Ph.D. and who was voted by his peers as the most outstanding principal in the state of Louisiana. His name was not even mentioned to the public. And this was done in the face of our School Board being under court orders, a consent decree, an amended judgment from the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, Judge Marcel Livaudais Jr. “to, in good faith, strive to assure a high quality of education, an appropriate educational and recreational environment … a non-discriminating policy … to actively recruit and retain black educators to work in Lafourche Parish.

We understand that this administration has informed our board of its intention to hire additional outsiders to carry out its mission for the parish. Now, come! Let us reason together. Don’t we have qualified, motivated people in house to do what needs to be done?

I personally am sick and tired of poor excuses for not using our local professionals; instead, by our actions, we slap them in the face as inferior.

We consider our board as honorable. I feel it should lead in hiring locally.

We hope and pray that this board, who was elected to represent all of us Lafourchians, will take heed and use some of our local professionals – yes, some African-Americans – to fill these positions.