Why Soundcloud Promotion?

Souncloud has been recently becoming a lot more famous. Originally designed for musicians and artists, people not related to music are also joining in on Soundcloud. Artists on other networks such as Bandcamp also tend to use Soundcloud because of its interactive interface and convenience. Soundcloud made a number of announcements in Texas lately.

Being Pro is a lot cheaper

Here is great news for creators: It is now a lot easier to recommend premium service because of their simplicity and cheapness. You can also buy third party promotional packages and purchase soundcloud promotion at soundcloudpromotions.com. The Unlimited service that was before for 59 Euros a month now costs only 9 Euros, that too with more stats and uploads.

Before: Different levels and multiple options, 12 hours of uploads for 9 Euros.

Now: 3 Euros a month provides you with unlimited downloads. 4 hours of uploads and 9 Euros a month gives you unlimited number of uploads.

Soundcloud might not be a perfect service but I would surely recommend it to any producer, podcaster and musician.

However let’s go into the detail of some complaints associated with Soundcloud.

Criticism over redesign and anti-piracy measures

Redesign and anti-piracy measures are the two changes in SoundCloud that have triggered frustration in its users. The redesign although attractive, changed location of some of the website’s features and made it difficult for some users. Many users especially the CDM readers got pretty annoyed over this change. Additionally, users have often fallen victim to the automatic algorithms built to combat illegal music uploads. Recently, reports from angry readers who had gotten their own music blocked have increased. The solution to this is simple: make it really, really easy for users and make anti-piracy measures flexible.

How to balance law and creators

Soundcloud is lesser to blame because its management is right in trying to encourage music uploads and stay within the shrines of law simultaneously. Another problem is that they also need to make money. The best way for Soundcloud would be to create avenues for balancing out new music creators and law abidance simultaneously.

How can you contribute to Soundcloud’s future?

One thing is certain: we are the main revenue source for Soundcloud. The challenges that Soundcloud is facing does not mean that it is willfully neglecting these pro requests. The problem is that changes are definitely difficult to accomplish. It is doing a great job in providing a cheaper service while continuing to make improvements. There are however no doubts about the future of Soundcloud depending on its ability to please its basic audience of labels and producers.