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2020: My Country is a city-building simulation game mixed with strategy that offers a totally new experience. First of all, in 2020: My Country you don’t only control the construction and management of cities, but also military and diplomatic maneuvers. This means that within 2020: My Country you can expand your territory taking advantage of diplomacy and work to show supremacy in battle. This game provides a modern take on the popular political guessing game. The old 2020 is well known, but it can be tedious with its monotonous guessing to determine what countries are winners.

This Android game is very cool. Not only was I able to create my own country in actual 2020, it has a lot of features that make the game exciting. I can chat with my friends from different countries and trade money from the comforts of my home. 2020: My Country is a follow-up on the wildly successful turn-based election and management game, 2020: My Country. Set in a futuristic Singapore, you can play as one of 28+ candidates from three different parties. You can also showcase your creativity by uploading your own avatars to share with friends!

2020: My Country Mod APK

“2020: My Country” is an Android game where you can choose to play as a man or as a woman, and lead your country to fame and power. The campaign map shows the entirety of the world divided geographically, with all regions color-coded; the different colors show how many cities and countries each power owns.On the left, you can see various types of resources: food (which includes beef and rice), metals (which mostly include iron ore), resources (which sometimes include oil) and oil. On the right-hand side, you will see items; things like cars.

. It’s a game of the future where the President is assassinated and who will execute him? You can create your own strategy, land ads and enter conflicts with other countries. Crush the opposition to make your country great again.Put yourself in the shoes of a Member of Parliament and take the challenge of running the government. It’s up to you to enforce your ideology and meet the needs of a nation. 2020: My Country is a retro-styled representation simulation, driven by your country.

2020: My Country Mod APK Features

My Country is a freemium mobile strategy video game that was published by KLab Global, Inc. and developed by Sid Lee, an international digital design studio. My Country is a country building sim set in the 2020-2050 timeframe. Players take on the role of president who drafts their own US constitution and chooses what policies to pursue: education, environment, military and many more unlocking procedurally generated events and challenges for this fictional world (Washington Post).Bullets: -The player takes on the role of President who drafts their own US Constitution.

Unlimited Energy

Even in this age of mass technological innovation and discovery, we still haven’t figured out a clean and sustainable way to power our everyday lives. Today, most energy sources come from the burning of fossils fuels like coal and gas. It is an unsustainable cycle that is ultimately leading up to the extinction of many animals on Earth. Now we have ruined the environment and don’t want to ruin any more, we need a way to help our country and with My Country mod APK and unlimited energy in this game you can just be able to do that.

Free Shopping

This is a perfect country management game about People’s Republic of China. With this game, players can cooperate together to build a great modernized country. You can take benefit from the great discount to get great bargains from vendors from across the world here in 2020. For nearly 20 years, gamers have raved about the advantages of free shopping over premium/paid shopping experience. There are number reasons for this, but the two big ones are that content is easier to find and the products are better priced. It’s certainly not perfect, there are reports of too much lag between players or hard-to-find content, but overall it’s a significant improvement over the premium model.


I hope this article does provide you with some insights on the 2020 my country apk. Download this game to build your own country in the future so that you can be prepared for whatever comes your way in life. The conclusion of this article is that, if we want to keep the 2020: My Country mod alive and well for as long as possible, we must follow these guidelines: not place custom content into the stub.ltx file; never use encrypted apps; and provide customer service to those who need it most. I want to thank you for taking your time to read this. Download the game to your mobile device for free on our app store.

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