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Games based on the popular board game Art of War are great for killing time and improving your skills. This game is perfect to test your strategy knowledge and improve your game play. Art of War: Legions is a free strategy game that’s available on Google Play and the App Store. The goal of the game is to grow your army and conquer the world. Players can develop their cities, collect resources, and upgrade their troops.

Art of War: Legions is an android game based on the famous Chinese strategy book of the same name. The game is set in ancient China, where you take control of your army and compete against other players to win the battle. Mobigame, one of the developers behind Art of War: Legions, has created a game that is easy for users to access and play. There are over 30 thousand different characters in this game with 2 genera of enemies- soldiers and assassins! There are endless battlefields with loadable decks of cards where each battle has its different strategies

Art of War MOD APK

Art of War MOD APK

Legions MOD APK is a two-player combat game for Android. Players must make strategic decisions to carefully work towards an advantageous customer acquisition rate or keep their star low while sustaining higher return on marketing dollars. Art of War: Legions is an Action and strategy game where players deploy heroes to 3D battlefields to duke it out with different styles of armies such as the barbarians, catapults, or barbarians. Legions MOD APK is a game that should be played on your android device. It offers weapons, spells, bosses who should prove to be challenging, and daily quests for better rewards. Help build the human lands with the basic resources you find there. Become stronger as time passes by!

The Art of War: Legions is a very interesting and enjoyable game where its difficult to stop playing. The visual effects and the sounds of the game are what really nailed this application. Play this game and you will see how great it is. Path of War allows players to lead vast armies into single player or multiplayer conflicts across numerous game modes. Players start with just one new general to build their fiefdom, than create recruitment stations for their occupation, and trade resources with merchant factions.

Art of War MOD APK Features

Art of War MOD APK

Legions MOD APK is a mod for the android strategic RTS game, Legions: Overdrive. It was created by ZEN Studios and still enjoys a small but loyal community. The mod introduces new content such as unranked games, random map modes, and many balance changes to make gameplay more fair and enjoyable for all players. Such content would not exist without its devoted server admins and programmers who work tirelessly together. The Art of War MOD APK allows you to send out troops across the map to fight for you, eliminating waiting time and repetitive tasks. You’ll also gain more heroes to build, send troops into battle faster, earn ludicrous amounts of gold per game round with less game waiting time. If you’re not looking for any of this consider the simplicity of your current game strategy.

Art of War MOD APK

Unlimited Money

Legions MOD APK is also one of the easy ways to have unlimited money in your game. For free! And don’t throw it away, use Legion MOD APK wisely in order to increase your fun in-game. Legions MOD APK is a mod for Android that belongs to the war segment, while only works on less than four devices. It can even just replicate money, while some mods are already able to create new worlds on top of your device. Legions is a 3D Open Source real-time strategy game which features more than 60 unique units, different maps, and allows for all of them to be customized on your device. If you are looking for one of the best first phone phone construction games that you can download or play on Google play then I recommend checking out Legions.

Art of War MOD APK

Unlimited Army

Legions MOD APK features an unlimited armies update. That’s right…unlimited armies! And up to 4 different restrictions, so if you have the hearts to test out this 1.3.6 update sigh, then feel free to do so! The legions Mod gives you 15 commanders that are extremely tough but you can build up to 1,000 fighting troops that are formidable. The features for this game are really quite impressive and they range from finding control points to completing missions. Legions MOD APK features battles between armies of players. Players can build their own army, set up defenses, field units, attack enemies to defend your settlements against other players. You can also control an army yourself and watch it battle your friends – even the game’s AI.


In the end, the Art of War: Legions MOD APK is a well-made and enjoyable RTS with a couple minor problems. The supply mechanics are streamlined but have an annoying centering issue tied to the camera angles. This somewhat takes you out of the action as your otherwise perfect vision isn’t as bang on as it could be. In spite of all this there is good gameplay depth and good action for those wanting a breath of fresh air from higher tier titles, or just looking for a challenging conquest style game to slosh their brains around in. The Art of War: Legions is an ongoing, real-time strategy game. You can build up your forces and defeat your opponents one by one or fight human or computer players.

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