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Asylum is one of the best horror games for android phones. Asylum is now available on Google Play Store for $5 USD. The game features psychological horror which packs a good level of tension, using audio and visuals with great production value. Although this game will return you to sanity, it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking for something to scare you up! My friend first told me about a new horror game called Asylum. He said that this is going to one of the best android games I have ever played. So, on my birthday, after an exhausting day on concrete and brick floors I had enough time to stop for a few hours of playtime.

Here are the best android games you should try first, but this list is by no means exhaustive, so do your own research if you find something missing. Asylum is one of the only android games available in the genre interesting horror game. The game starts off with you waking up in an asylum, where strange things happen to the inmates nearby. Other than having mutations, they look normal so it is up to you to find out what is going on until you eventually escape. Straight horror, this game puts you in the shoes of Lance Kennedy, a detective devoid of morality trying to solve a farm farm disappearance.

Asylum (Horror game) MOD APK

If you like horror games, Asylum is definitely a must-play for Android. Its graphics and audio are the key factors that the perfect horror game. You can download this MOD APK from here. Asylum is a horror game in which you must walk around the dark halls looking for clues. However, beware of the people that are lurking in the shadows. This game has many different endings depending on player choices that you’ll be able to see when talking to certain people in need after their last day. It has an easy control system with touch screen functions which makes it less frustrating to play, especially to players who rely on laptop/tablet instead of console controllers like me! The game works similarly to if you were replaying a game while also living through your memories.

The Asylum is a horror game for mobile devices, available in both English and Spanish. You are an asylum seeker who seems to be the only survivor in the world. One day you wake up confronted with several overturned cars in front of you. The rest of the world has been silenced because you, being deaf, have gained supernatural hearing abilities. With these abilities comes several dark secrets, but it’s already too late to turn back now. Asylum is a horror game set inside an asylum. You’re tasked with solving the mystery of the ghosts that haunt the facility. Every time you enter one of the cells, everything goes dark and then you’ll only hear sounds coming from within, bringing your heart pounding in your chest.

Asylum (Horror game)

Asylum (Horror game) MOD APK Features

Asylum is an horrror game where you wake in the middle of nowhere with no memory or clues to who you are or were. As the game progresses, entities known as Echoes ambush players in empty hospitals, empty gates, and empty rooms. The Echoes serve as both enemies and hints for this game that will test your sanity. Most of the creatures are present at daytime but come to life when it gets dark. There are 2 different animal enemies in the game, one attacking people and another hunting animals. Asylum has 20 missions involving stealth, parkour, puzzles and combat with plenty of upgradeable talents that can unlock new weapons and kill moves for you to use against the enemy. Asylum is a survival horror game set during the Medieval Ages and has all the elements of a good survival horror game. It has an interesting story, gameplay and eerie graphics.

Asylum (Horror game)

Unlimited Diamonds

This week for our Monday Miscellany, we will be sharing some of the best MOD APK features you can expect in today’s indie horror game Asylum. This game features abandoned asylum, the objects, dangers and secrets hidden within it. There are puzzles that range from simple to challenging requiring pixel perfect timing, bonus stages every now and then with good rewards, full of hidden objects scattered around. And lastly but not least, unlimited diamonds which act as grinders that allow you to buy upgrades unlimited times without paying real money. This MOD APK will give you an unlimited amount of diamonds which you can use to buy all the items in the shop.

Paid For Free

The Asylum (Horror game) MOD APK features a new and unique point and click horror experience with a lot of potential. It’s complicated, has some glitches and has some issues but it’s worth giving it a shot.This game is a horror game with lots of jump scares. The goal of the game is to escape from an asylum after being committed for being crazy. There are many features in the MOD APK that are not in the free version, but they’re also very easy to buy with real money if you want them.

Asylum (Horror game)


Asylum is an amazing horror game with horror elements. The visuals and sound make the game absolutely fantastic. There are several different endings, so you can go through the game multiple times to see what happens next. It even comes with its own trophy system, so you will have plenty of things to aim for. All in all, Asylum is a polished horror game with an interesting plot. The gameplay mechanics are fun, the graphics are impressive and the soundtrack is good. I recommend that if you enjoy point-and-click games or horror games then you should check out Asylum.

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