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Block Strike is possibly the most addicting game for Android currently on the market. This game has you hacking various hacking puzzles by swapping program colors to match increasing threats. Block Strike integrates myriad different styles of aesthetic in order to keep the game fresh and engaging. Block Strike is the best Bomb defense game you’ll ever play! You can play it on your tablet or phone. Unlock 6 different characters, 6 stages and 6 worlds in this explosive fly to dodge bomb defense game. It’s free so what are you waiting for? Get the game now!

Block Strike is a single screen arcade-shooter with simple controls. You are warmly welcomed by the machine’s voice “Welcome, human”. The game starts out with collecting large blocks in order to progress through levels, freeing people who have been captured by robots. There are multi-player games too where you can compete against other players. Block Strike is a game created for mobile devices with simple rules and very accessible for all types of players. It has exciting randomly generated stages sprinkled throughout the game, keeping even professional gamers on their toes. Features like “eternal mode” encourage long-term engagement that builds loyal fans over time.

Block Strike MOD APK

Block Strike MOD APK is one of the most popular android games in India. The game has a simple gameplay. You have to save the blocks in each level by taking them down below the line. Along with save, you can also destroy the blocks with bombs which are also in different colors that match with different properties of blocks. Block Strike is a new shooting game for Android that offers familiar gameplay in a captivating environment. Block Strike, from Russian developer Earthcore Games, follows regular tower-defense logic to challenge players with tasks such as obliterating waves of regular soldiers and UFO troopers invading a “realtime SciFi 3D.”

Block Strike by Supercell is a role-playing strategy game where you take control of either the heroic Templar Knights or the villainous Templars during the medieval-times. Take quests, raid castles, battle dragon after dragon, and trade in real life money with 6M paid installs you can’t go wrong! Jump start your android games with Block Strike! Block Strike MOD APK is the game that provides real-time graphics and thrilling missions. There are no other games like this one, so there is hardly any competition. It gives you the option to either play with 1 or 7 opponents in a match for 1 minute long.

Block Strike

Block Strike MOD APK Features

Block Strike is a block puzzle game with 81 levels in total where players solve blocks, shapes and puzzles in various scenarios! It has excellent sound design and background music that creates an immersive gameplay experience. Furthermore, the blocks jump like crazy like jump rope when stepped on which makes for a great time! Block Strike app allows you to kill time without being addicted, unleash extra energy from buttons and movements of a smart phone to explode bombs or collect coins. It has a lot of exciting features that transform your smartphone into a powerful remote control. We all know about this game, which had many versions in the Google Play store – Block Challenge!

Block Strike

Unlimited Gold

Block Strike is a fun and addicting Clone War simulation game. Two teams of 1,000 players fight for dominance through swiping their finger on the screen to create a virtual craft from craft packs they unlock from the main shop every few minutes. Spend your hardstased gold to build up your profile and make it easier to challenge opponents to rank higher! A block strike MOD APK is a game with less skill, more luck. First of all, there’s no real strategy. Instead, whatever blocks you knock down will randomly convert to gold. This makes it incredibly easy, and impossibly difficult depending on the time chosen by the player. You can’t charge enemies or kill them; you can only knock them down.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money: Block Strike features 3 different ways of obtaining unlimited money. The first way of obtaining it is purchasing the infamous Kit of Apocalypse and uploading the new version on your phone. The second way is via purchase, if you buy a Minecraft VIP membership and get 100 credits to cash in. Finally you can get anywhere from $10 to $100 per day by just clicking around on your home screen and tapping the sponsored button presented every hour. “Block Strike MOD APK” is the best option for you if you are looking for a fun game with unlimited money. The game launched in 2015 and has been consistently updated ever since. If you are still trying to find a reliable blocking game, Block Strike is worth your time.

Block Strike


Block Strike MOD APK is one of the best action games. The way you battle with many opponents is really exciting and complicated as well as thrilling, so playing this game always gives you a feeling that you have won a great victory. It’s a great role-playing game for those who love to be creative and enjoy watching films, series or comics alike. That’s all for this time. Hopefully after reading this article you got a better understanding about the pitfalls that come with downloading Paid Themes or Apps from different sources.

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