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Clone Armies is an android game where you need to build your army in order to battle against other players. When one player has lost, all their armies are captured and you can use them in your own defense.Clone Armies is a game where you can play as various characters to fight other players in an arena. It is very fun and addictive. You can go at your own pace or earn money to buy upgrades. It has good graphics and sound which makes the game more immersive.Clone Armies is an android game where you get to fight off forces of evil with your own army of clones. You’ll get upgrades, new weapons, and more! This game is definitely worth the download!

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game

Clone Armies APK is a clone of Clash of Clans. It seems a pretty straightforward strategy-based title, but did you know that Clone Armies can transform into World War 3? I heard from someone that the best way to include cloners in your army is by winning the participation award. In combination with all the technological upgrades, this adds some level of complexity and difficulty to the game.This game is very simple that one can understand any phone phone is tangle with. This app does not require high end specifications to run properly. Clone Armies is an old school price action strategy game where two players can compete against each other on an infinite map.

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game

Clone Armies Mod APK

Clone Armies is a fun Android game that you can play with your family on Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other occasions. There are various levels of difficulty to offset the skill level of different players. You are tasked to lead an army against Clone Armies- the player battling against the army led by you. During battle you must tap on individual soldiers to gain control of them, but beware because if they die they are gone forever. All the troops who join your side will gain experience and power output at increasing rates until tapping on leaders will have no effect on them, which leads to.Clone Armies is a new cool game coming soon to your android phone. This game will have different strategies to beat the opponents, so find out more information by checking out the video below.

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game

Clone Armies mod APK Anonymous is one of the most played android games on Google Play. This game offers a fantastic strategy for people who love war and want to get a little more out of it by expanding their armies through cloning. The premise of this charming game is that you have been called upon by the goddess to create new armies for her army to fight in her favor, but she requires live soldiers to do so, so the players have no choice but to get creative so they can find a way get their hands on some living beings.

Clone Armies Mod APK Features

Cloning makes a lot of sense when you’re studying any subject. It’s a high level thinking, concentration strain that is very hard to achieve without being able to compare your thoughts with your work immediately. That’s what makes the Clone Armies mod app so important because it allows you to study truly underdeveloped subject matter while executing your thoughts in ways other than the textbooks would allow you to.Clone Armies mod APK, the welcome back to the squadClone Commanders have an amazing build-up system that starts each level with a huge secret base and a small squad of soldiers to command.

Unlimited Money

Clone Armies is a role-playing game that lets you play in a civilization push back the night and imagine a world where humans have learned to clone themselves in mass numbers. Instead of being born, they’re made in their millions. Clone Armies allows you to capture the city, incite revolt or hunt down enemies with unlimited troops at your command. In short, the battle system is richer than anything else on the market and it imitates Battle Royals from Hot Dogs 2.In the last days of the Clone Armies, you can buy a lot of things without having spent yourself.Such as imperials armies and other item that boost your strength to unlimited levels. And not only that but also clone hopping will be changed forever.

Unlimited Blue Coins

Clone Armies is a third-person strategy android game in which players compete with other players to take over the world using their android armies. However, when they do this, they start upgrading the army with special abilities and weapons. As well as this, there are great rewards in Clone Army when players under thirty five kill someone because ninja days are in effect in which in order to get started, every player in the game aged under 35 will be in control of an army. Players can use these armies to battle against other players to take over territory or face off against the enemy AI – fighting for territory. Crazy-Fast Army cloning, army management and incredibly easy running to get the most number of blue coins in the shortest time!


Clone Armies is an interesting game where the player creates their very own army of soldiers. The player must fight in real time against other players in order to advance through the game. The game brings something new to Clash of Clans by using modded versions of Clash of Clans, which adds many fun and unique features that the main game lacks.Overall, with a strategy of cloning soldiers and utilizing them to expedite strategic situations in battles with human opponents like Wormholes, it brings about a more fulfilling experience on the battlefield.

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