Nama Cookie Run: Puzzle World
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Versi Terbaru 2.11.1
Ukuran 300M
Fitur MOD Many Move/Booster/Auto Win
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Diperbarui November 1, 2021 (1 year ago)

Cookie Run is a game that is well known for its simplicity. The goal of the game is to lead the cookie through different obstacles. It’s simple graphics make it easy to see what you need to do, and the levels are designed well so that every time you play it, something new becomes interesting. The app is easy to use and offers a variety of gameplay, from racing against other runners to becoming a biker. It’s also easy to create your own avatar and race as yourself, or as a friend.

Cookie Run takes place on a construction site guarded by robotic gorillas and it’s your job to run towards the red checkpoints on the map and avoid the incoming cookies. It was first time saw this game on my Smartphone and it took me only 15 minutes to complete; Super easy and affordable!

Cookie Run: Puzzle World

Cookie Run MOD APK

The Cookie Run MOD APK has a wide variety of addicting fan favorite games to choose from. One common feature in this app is unlockable power-ups which allow the player to have an extra shot at winning. Players stay engaged because games are based on speed and strategy, not just currency or time spent playing. This app offers a great deal of fun without spending much money. In Cookie Run, The player is able to run around the world in a quest for cookies. Here, player’s mission would be to collect cookies without getting trampled. Player’s task is not only to find the best route – but also use power ups and hire helpers to keep pace with a monster.

With 2 million downloads, Cookie Run is the first game of its kind, opening new worlds for android gamers. It offers various unique levels with difficult challenges, beautiful graphics and user-friendly controls. Owners of the game will be treated to bonus features that will keep them hooked all day long! The game includes an exciting storymode that contains HD cards that contain a surprising end to the fantastical tale.

Cookie Run: Puzzle World

Cookie Run MOD APK Features

The MOD APK for Cookie Run provides many great additions that you simply must have. An enhanced multiplayer mode means that you never have to play alone again. You can also race your friends on the same device just like the mobile game version! This game will keep you occupied for hours with all of its new cool features. Cookie Run is decorated with a huge number of features which you even won’t find on premium apps. As it’s unofficial, Cookie Run allows you to use the widest collection of masks among all of its competitors. This app has many features that allow players to have an amazing casino experience. For instance, this cookie run is a prime deal! This prime deal is a slot machine where players can win prizes. The prizes consist of cookies and even more great items including live chat and free play.

Cookie Run: Puzzle World

Unlimited Money

There are two ways for you to get unlimited money in Cookie Run MOD APK. You can either buy it or you can cheat. You will need to install the workarounds that correspond to the type of cheat you use, so before purchasing anything, be sure you know what your doing! Will this game work if your computer is slow? Hell no. So if your phone is good enough update it now and play Cookie Run! I’ve finally found a perfect MOD APK for my favorite game, Cookie Run. Cookie Run MOD APK features unlimited money to help you play this fun and gr You can easily enjoy the wonderful time while You have access to all these features, fast-foward, boosts, etc.

Paid For Free

Cookie Run MOD APK guarantees you the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a free to play game that gives you all the basic amenities and multiple special privileges – look no further than Cookie Run MOD APK, and if you want more – stylish games with built-in bonuses and premiums – we gaurantee them at the best rates. Cookie Run MOD APK is an amazing game. If you love medieval RPGs, cooking, fortune-telling and other similar games – this game is for you. It offers really attractive graphics and game experience which was paid for by donations. This means that the game has no ads, no pay-wall to unlock new levels and unlimited power-up…


This game is about Cookie Run, in which, you are the cookie that’s running in the recipe of minecraft style mobs in this high score run at high levels in sandbox mode. The app has made the application for my android phone with ease and it never left me stuck with an insect. In conclusion, this Cookie Run MOD APK was a lot of fun to play. It’s a great addition to the plethora of online games out there and is super addicting! It’s a challenging game that most people would enjoy playing for hours straight. You should really take a moment and understand why Cookie Run is worth it. It’s the brainchild of developers who believe in making gaming even more fun, Cookie Run takes things to the next level! There are still plenty of people who love gaming without all the monetization gimmicks used by big games out there, so this game is for you.

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