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Versi Terbaru 2.0.3
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Diperbarui November 1, 2021 (1 year ago)

In this game, you get to be a goat. The goal is to get money and also get high scores by doing stupid things around the city. One of the most important mechanics in this game is that you can break-out of physics. This is a fun and exciting game for you to play. But, I don’t care about the gameplay, I care about the goat. He’s the man behind this rag tag group of criminals who are going on a bank robbery while you’re locked in your cell.Goat Simulator Payday is the most popular android game of all time. Everyone loves to race goats in this crazy, fast-paced, physics-based goat-on-goat crime caper with surprising depth!

Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator, the newest game out of Coffee Stain Studios is what the name implies. But this game is not for children! This game is incredibly addicting. It was released for iOS devices on April 1, 2014 and has sold over five million copies across all platforms. You play as a goat who can do anything, including flying, jumping, eating people, etc. Goat Simulator Payday is a parody of Goat Simulator, a video game about being a goat. In the game, players have to find treasures and steal cash from people. The player needs to keep it up until they get promoted to become a goat boss. In this role, the player has the power to “goatify” other goats by shooting lasers from their eyes, or banishing them from the map with a curse.

Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator Payday Mod Apk

Goat Simulator Payday is an android game which has recently become very popular. It is a simulator game where you play as a goat through various events to earn money. You can buy toys, clothes, and other upgrades on the go or via microtransactions. The mod apk allows for better performance in the app and it also includes various extra features such as being able to purchase cars, guns, and many other items in-game. Goat Simulator Payday mod is an android game with a lot of entertaining functions. The game creates a unique game play that will keep you entertained for hours. You can customize your controls and if you don’t like the default ones then you can change them to your liking.

Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator is a top-selling game on the Steam marketplace, and the newest update will give you that same experience right on your phone! The game has several mini-games that you can earn cash in, but now there is one more: a heist mode.Goat Simulator cost $10 to purchase on the Steam Store, and a new Payday mod for android is a great way to enjoy the game even if you don’t have a PC. The mod allows players to customize their goat’s appearance and start up with a certain amount of money that they can spend on upgrades.

Goat Simulator Payday Mod Apk Features

The gameplay will be as simple as you can imagine. In Goat Simulator, the objective is to jump over a fence and not get caught by a bear. That’s it! As soon as you complete this task, you’re going to be awarded with a bunch of cash and the game will end. You’ll then have to play all over again because there is no option for a save system in Goat Simulator.With the Goat Simulator Payday mod you can now have a Badass Goat as your phone’s wallpaper. You can also unlock all the secret achievements for this game with the help of this app.

Free Purchase

Goat Simulator is a goat-simulation sandbox physics-based video game developed by Coffee Stain Studios. In the game, players have to control a goat from a first-person perspective and accomplish various tasks.This game is actually paid, but you can get it for free. All you need to do is download the apk file and open it. The game will automatically install the mod onto your device. It has over 100 million players, so chances are pretty high that you’ll find someone who already added it to their phone.Goat Simulator Payday is a free purchase for those who already own the full game. It can be found in your app library and installed on your device.

Remove Ads

The Goat Simulator Payday mod is a new app that gives you the chance to play this game with no ads, more coins, and unlimited coins. You can also download this app from the Google Play Store instead of doing all that hard work yourself. The app can be found by searching ‘Goat Simulator Payday Mod Apk’.The Goat Simulator Payday mod is a free and premium app for Android and iOS devices. It removes the ads from the game and it unlocks all the levels in Goat Simulator: Payday. This app is perfect for people who want to play Goat Simulator without ads, or don’t want to pay for the game.


The Goat Simulator Payday mod is a mod for the game Goat Simulator. It adds money to the game by dealing with various aspects of what would normally require skill, such as bartering or robbing goats. The mod can be found on multiple websites, including Google Play and the App Store.Goat Simulator has been the star of the day with its recent release to Steam, but what about all of those who were unable to make it? Well, they finally have an opportunity to play the game with a new Payday Mod for Goat Simulator on Android. The mod was created by someone on Reddit and is compatible with both PC and mobile versions.

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