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Grand Theft Auto is a comprehensive and intensive homicide simulator. It features glamorous cars, exaggerated weaponry, and the ever-satisfying profession of being a thug. Players have been struggling with an Android version of the game for years without success. However, one flexible modder has finally delivered, as is would would expect from a Grand Theft Autothug. A manual for Grand Theft Auto V is a FREE android app, treating you to the Grand Theft Auto V game.This free Games app can be used as a manual for playing GTA 5 and to prepare yourself before you play it.

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual Mod APK

This game is very enjoyable and I highly recommend it to people who like strategy games. The game is set in the fictional world of Los Santos, San Andreas. People play the role of a criminal, either at home or on the go, starting with driving getaway vehicles to get money for later customization. The manual mod apk is the best way to learn how to modify, customize and personalize your android game. Enjoy hours of fun with this tool.

This is an interesting game that allows you to go into a virtual world of crime, where the protagonist is on the wrong side of the law. It can be played on Android devices with OS 4.4 or higher. Yes, this is the game where you get to play the criminal. You can steal cars, listen to music, and even go on dates with other people in the game. The game has achieved unprecedented success since its release back in 2013, having sold over 80 million copies worldwide.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual Mod APK Features

New features include a new Overworld map, real-time day and nightcycle, a car for storing custom vehicles restoring hearts and weapon ammunition to a ‘safe’ location. Navigating through the game menus now felt smooth and dependable. this mod provides a smoother gameplay experience, as well as random weapon shops and other items popping up as you explore the map. Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual mod is an unauthorized mod that has been made by Kobbue. It features the original GTA 5 with 80% more stuff to do.

Unlimited Ammo

With this hack, you can refill your ammo infinite times, giving yourself limitless ammo. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling lackadaisical and want to simply sit back and blow the world up. The most important feature of this mod is that it gives the user infinite ammo for their weapons. This means that you can keep shooting your weapon until you run out of ammunition, rather than having to worry about reloading at all. The bullets will naturally disappear once they hit something or you go out of range.

Unlimited Money

Many of the required downloads to fully play Grand Theft Auto V requires the game files to be downloaded onto your hard drive which can waste time and memory space. This is where the Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual Mod comes into play. It’s an Android module for GTA V that provides players with unlimited money that also allows them to speed up certain vehicle animations, float over water, and much more. One of the most impressive features is allowing players during Gang Wars/deathmatches turn invisible automatically when idling in wait for another player or team to show up.One of the most visible changes is in the monetary system. Like in GTA Online , players can earn cash simply by playing the game. Besides killing people, destroying cars, and robbing stores, players can also make lots of money by getting an easy job for Devin Weston or Lamar Davis.


If you have an old android phone that you want to enjoy GT5, then this mod is what you need. You can download for free or even purchase it through in-app purchases, but there’s no harm in unlocking the full game without paying a cent. This mod encourages users to play in an original environment with less adrenaline and more calculated decisions, which will make your GTA experiences more enjoyable. It’s one of those games that will inevitably be supported for a long time to come. Looking ahead, I can’t even make a prediction as to what I think the future will hold because it could be all over the place. My best bet is that they’ll still be looking into a lot of expansions to keep the game fresh and give players what they want.

Download Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual Mod APK MOD APK for Android

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