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The game is based around the stickman ragdoll fighting genre. You get to play as Stickman or your opponent in this 3D arena style fighting game. The main objective of the game is to defeat your opponent by time running out, but you can also use power-ups to boost your stickman’s speed, strength, and defense. This game is for people who like to test their skills! In this ragdoll fighting game, you play as a stickman whose aim is to defeat the other stickmen. The more time you spend playing, the better your character gets. You can also unlock new skins and attack moves that help you defeat your enemies!

Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game is an android game where you control a stick figure that can run, jump, smack, throw, and knock other stick figures into ragdolls. The graphics are nice and the controls are easy to use. This is an android game that was released in December of 2016, that requires players to fight other people in the game through physics. The goal is to knock the opponent off the platform while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Players can also play cooperatively with friends.This is the perfect game for any fan of ragdoll fighting games. The game is fun and easy to play, but it gets challenging as you progress. When the game starts, you will be immediately transported into a 2D world where you can move around using your device’s touch screen.

Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game Mod APK

Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game is an android game that involves a stick man fighting other stickmen. In the game you can use rag doll physics to throw your opponent as far as you want and as many times as you need. The controls are easy and it’s a great time killer. Slapstick Fighter is a stickman ragdoll fighting game in which you can enjoy unlimited gameplay by spending real money or in-game premium currency. The app provides a full featured experience with tons of different characters, weapons, and upgrades.

Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game is a new android game that brings a unique and amusing twist to the well-known stick fighting games. The player must fight through a series of levels with various obstacles in order to complete their objective. The character has been designed so well from the beginning that from his design you can tell he has been modeled after a superhero.In this game, you have to fight the stickman ragdoll. You have to find his weakness and strike him on it as hard as you can. Your punches must be precise and effective. If you do not strike effectively, your enemy will bring his stick and whack you away!The game is one of the most popular games on Google Play, and it has over 1 million downloads. The game has unique graphics and a funny storyline.

Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game Mod APK Features

Slapstick Fighter is easy to learn but challenging to master. Play with up to four players in local or online matches. Slapstick Fighter has many game modes including Training, Arcade, Survival, and more. There are tons of unique ragdolls that you can unlock by playing through the single player campaign or leveling up your character. Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game mod Apk is a free-to-play dynamic ragdoll stickman fight game. You can enjoy the stickman fighting game with the best stickman fighting experience and awesome graphics.

Unlimited Money

The game is very simple just swipe up to punch, swipe down to kick, swipe left to dodge and swipe right to block. The app also has a variety of other cool features like unlimited coins for free, different costumes you can purchase with coins, different ragdolls so you can have your own personalized stickman fighter, and more! It is a brand new stickman ragdoll fighting game with lots of different characters and tremendous cartoon graphics. The game is really easy to control and you can play it offline or online with your friends. There are various battle mode available to enjoy.

Unlimited Hacks

Slapstick Fighter is a stickman ragdoll fight game. It’s an action game with over 25 different characters including the protagonist, Stickman. Characters can unlock new moves by collecting coins or using earned in-game currency. The game has two modes: Story mode and survival mode.This is a fighting game that is based on the funny yet violent slapstick comedy films like the Three Stooges and the Smothers Brothers. The game features Stickman, who can use different attacks and special moves to beat his enemies.


The slapstick fighter is a fun game that is full of cheesy humor, action, and fighting. Although the graphics are very basic, the gameplay is definitely worth the download. It’s also not difficult at all to learn how to play because there is no tutorial or explanation on how to fight.Slapstick Fighter – Stickman Ragdoll Fighting Game mod Apk is a cool game that provides the best entertainment for all people to enjoy. This game offers such fun and excitement as players try to beat the other player in the fight.Slapstick Fighter is a ragdoll fighting game that uses physics to create hilarious action. The gameplay is fast paced and super engaging, so be sure to download it today!

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