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“The Escapists” is a real-time, single-player puzzle game where you take on the role of a prisoner and try to escape from prison. With no one to help you but yourself, you’ll have to break out using whatever means necessary, avoiding spikes and using the locals as your only guide. I like this game because it’s funny and offers an alternative to the usual style of prison break games. You play as a guy that has been wrongly convicted and sent to prison. You then start planning your escape by digging through dirt, finding items and other ways to get out of jail. The Escapists is a prison-escape puzzle game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios.

You are about to be sentenced to live out your life in the maximum security prison, but you’ve got one shot at escaping before anyone knows what’s happening. It’s a prison simulator game where players must perform various tasks to escape from prison. Each player is assigned certain jobs, such as cooking or taking out the trash, which they must complete in order to earn money and increase their popularity among fellow inmates. The Escapists is a game for Android that you can play in your spare time. The main objective of the game is to escape from prison. You have to take care of what you eat and do in order to stay in good shape and evade detection. The graphics are really realistic and the controls are easy to use.

The Escapists MOD APK

The Escapists MOD APK is one of the most popular Android games, which you can easily download from any ApksApps. You have to escape from prison by finding items and crafting new items so that the guards won’t find you. Unlocking new escape methods is really important in order to progress in the game. It is a great way to kill some time and you can choose from a variety of prisons to escape from. There are a lot of ways to escape, with many different challenges depending on the prison you’re in. The Escapists MOD APK is actually quite fun, with a ton of new features and content.

The game has a unique interface and lets you use your smarts to get out of tight situations. The game’s levels are procedurally-generated. The game also features a crafting system, destructible environments, and single-player missions that the player can complete in any order. In the game, you have to work with other inmates to break out from prison by crafting useful objects from material found around the prison. You will get points for each successful escape and more points if it’s an accomplished breakout or a mass breakout.

The Escapists MOD APK Features

The Escapists MOD APK is a game that is all about escaping. The goal is to escape prison, which can be hard to do with limited resources. You must plan well in advance and use the items you find in your surroundings to make your escapes happen. Create your own custom character and escape from one of six different prisons. The Escapists MOD APK is an amazing game that has many features. One of them is the day and night cycle, which makes time go by quickly during the game. The other one is the customization options. These allow you to create your own character to play with.


The free game is about an inmate in prison who tries to escape by any means. Travel the world and undertake heists to pay for your prison break. Steal cars, rob banks, and take part in other illegal activities. The player needs to plan carefully because there are guards everywhere keeping watch. The player needs to make sure they don’t get caught by the guards or else they will be thrown into solitary confinement, which takes away valuable day(s). The player really has to be careful, because it only takes one mistake to end up in this awful situation. The player controls the main character, who is a prisoner too looks like something of a modern-day Robin Hood. In order to escape from prison, the player must try to avoid doing chores around the prison and keep their inmate status from being upgraded from “New Boy” to “Inmate.”

Amazing Interface

It has many features including the crafting, stealth, combat and confinement aspects of gameplay. You can escape from prison by planning your strategy and developing your character. The game has the following features: – Build your own prison with over 50 customizations to choose from- New ways to escape! Hire help, dig a tunnel, or develop an escape plan- Explore the map of the prison by an overhead view or by walking around your new facilityThe Escapists MOD APK is an exciting game for all ages.

Download The Escapists MOD APK

The Escapists MOD APK is a great game that can be played by anyone. It provides an escape for the players through the different prisoners’ experiences. If you are looking for a game to escape from reality, this one is perfect..So, I’ve given you a brief overview of what The Escapists MOD has for you to enjoy. It’s an amazing game that any fan of the original should give it a go. I hope this helped you make your decision. If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below and we’ll be happy to help!

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