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Gone are the days of playing games like Angry Birds and running all over the place with your fingertips scrolling down the screen. Nowadays, we have virtual reality. If you think about it though, nobody really wants to be be on an app-based game for 3 hours at a time either. A new concept has hit the market and this new concept is meeting some demand. Virtual Reality GirlFriend APP is available on Google Play and installs in two minutes for free.

The next “big thing” in the world of gaming, and it may already be here! I know that I speak for many when I say that Virtual Reality is something we have been waiting years upon decades for. Now, you’ve got to remember it has been a long time coming so there’s not going to be a level playing field with these headsets. I was expecting more of a 3D virtual world and not so much a cute and fuzzy-faced animated character, but it’s still fun to watch! Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something for your tablet or smartphone

VR GirlFriend Mod APK

VR GirlFriend is an Eastern-inspired RPG where players take control of Miku and build their own social relationships in a world populated by characters such as Uki Cruz and Kagura. The gameplay changes every month but players must maintain a basic level of progress to save their favorite NPCs from Tsukiumi, Tsukasa’s sister.I’m Luca, and I wanted to share with you my experience playing VR Girlfriend on Google Daydream. With virtual reality taking the world by storm, there are all kinds of games out there with different gameplay styles for you to explore with your headset.

This is a good app for those looks that want to have their own virtual girlfriend. This application has a large collection of character customization features with a multitude of skin color, hair styles as well as romantic face illustrations. It also lets you choose from a number of backgrounds and play songs from your device as you chat.These games are fun for many reasons. One of them is the sex appeal factor, which is why it’s so entertaining to see your players become physically attracted to other players in-game. It can take physics into account too – players will create more attraction if they show the excitement that physics causes, like when they tilt their body to look at each other or take off their shirt.

VR GirlFriend Mod APK Features

A special category of the best dating sim games on the market. It offers an amazing visual experience due to its high-end graphics and animations, while not forgetting about configuring it to your personal preferences. Since the game is one of the most popular ones in its genre, literally millions of people can be found online playing this game for hours without stopping. First, you meet the main character. It seems fine at first but you learn her story soon enough.Gameplay is quite simple with mood changing music and sound fx. Another favorite feature is the mini-games that are unlockable across the game at different levels.

Unlimited Gold and Coins

In order to get unlimited gold and coins, I have scooped up all of the Fire Red Fire Gems from the chests that were given by the latest update. These Fire Red Fire Gems are a limited gem type within the game. While a handful of people may still be able to regularly unlock fire gems, I doubt many people will want to pay anything over a thousand gems for 50 energy refills when they can simply buy energy at a much cheaper price in-game.The novelty of building relationships in VR has meant that almost every player looking to increase their chance of success goes out of their way to free unlimited gold, coins, removal gems, you can speed up your totally random list of socializing options.

Unlimited Money

The VR GirlFriend mod APK has unlimited money, enhance clothes and others in the game. This can be helpful for making diamond jewelry and allowing diamond cars in the game!The VR Girlfriend mod is absolutely amazing because it lets you dive into virtual worlds and shoot all of your enemies and best friends without the worry of currency limitations! The currency that you gain from fighting all those bad guys will allow you to max-out the energy capacity on your AI.


It is great for people who want to explore the untapped opportunities the virtual reality world brings. It can be used as perfect way to deal with any problematic living situations that only exist in the virtual world. I really appreciate that this app has plenty of features, even though it’s an early release, because it does what it promises without any problems.Conclusion: I hope the guide was helpful for you. The mod is easy to install and lets you adjust compatibility levels for chests, body scales, scull accessory, hair color, hair texture and much more!

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